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The whole world needs less emphasis on sexual orientation. Really, shouldn't sexual relations between any two consenting adults remain something private?
Why do people automatically think of sex when they hear about a gay issue? What about love, commitment, and personal identity?

I would love to live in a world where everyone could live how they wanted - open and honest with no fear of recrimination - but we're not there yet.

Children need to be educated on everything. Cultures, religions, relationships, how they are all different but still have an equal place in society. Picking and choosing what to teach, or teaching someone is 'more equal than others' is propaganda, not education.
I am not biased. I dislike everyone equally!
kids know more than some adults and they dont realy care as long as you dont push it on them same as god dont preach it turns kids off if not intrested 
Surely it is wrong to want to force gay stereotypes on children. 
1.5% of the adult population of the uk is gay & should be treated equally to straight ,black or white, asian, Christian, Muslim Jewish ,athiest or any other . However if 1.5% of population is gay or lesbian then surely the amount of gay presenters should be indicative of that 1.5%. If that is true then the gay community is over represented in tv shows. Children should be taught to treat all fellow humans with respect , even christians were taught to hate the sin not the sinner & the command to love thy neighbour includes gay persons. I was taught not to judge others with regards to sin. Thankfully my mother taught me well . I have worked with gay people & had great nights out at gay clubs with them. I have met those i dont get on with but not because they are straight or gay. Treat everyone the same my mum taught me , That has stood me well .
Research has shown the figure is around 10% - and that's from respondents who are willing to tell researchers their sexual orientation. In reality, the actual figure is probably a fair bit higher.
Does'nt matter what the figure is sexual orientation should not be forced down kids throats, neither should religion. The BBC is just trying to be right on as usual , using our money for their own agendas. We don't watch the bbc at my house because in general it is shit.
That article says 71% identify as Christian even though the 2011 Census puts the figure at 59%

I agree that no agenda should be pushed, down kids throats or adults. But I think when you have a negative societal image of a certain minority then established organisations are in the best position to level the playing field - to say everyone is normal!
It is a minority though & therefore it is not underepresented in tv. How many talk show hosts are gay for instance.? Gay people are in many ways  Overrepresented in tv.  
The first singer I remember noticing was Diana Ross. She was on TV in a red dress, and she was gorgeous. My sister told me that she was old enough to be my grandmother, but this four-year-old didn't care.

Perhaps it was something to do with the dress, but the second person I fell in love with was Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura on Star Trek). I think it was the voice more than anything though, because to my six-year-old ears she had the most elegant voice I had ever heard.

At that age a friend of mine who I greatly admired was the son of an African doctor and an African nurse. That kid was so smart.

I never really thought about these people being black. They were just people who I grew up admiring.

One day when I was a little older I heard an adult making borderline racist comments about a black football player. Even as a kid, I knew he was talking rubbish. I knew the people that I admired in music, television and even my classroom were nothing like the stereotypes presented to me by that adult.

What we show kids is important. There is infinite diversity in the world, and kids can only learn to appreciate that if we take the blinkers off.

Gay people are normal. People of different ethnicities are normal. It is okay to have a single parent, a step parent, two parents of the same gender. It is okay for your favourite TV presenter to be Japanese, gay (or a Japanese gay man - oh myyy) even if you yourself are neither.

Who knows, perhaps by showing kids the real world we'll help to cut down on bullying and intolerance too.
I felt the same way about sally from tiswas & the abba girls PHwoar. LOL. Kids come to Know their own sexuality naturally. They should be encouraged to treat everyone with consideration irrespective of sexual orientation.
+Anthony Kelly but in the real world not all gay people are camp or butch so enforcing that stereotype wouldn't be right either. I mean how do we know that some of the presenters they already have aren't gay?
Maybe a better way to go about teaching children about gay people would be to have shows where children have 2 mummies or 2 daddies.
I really don't think children would get campness vs silliness at a young age any way so I think if you are going to teach them about it, then teach them in a way that's not putting a label on a person.
Anthony my first girlfriend was Black She was gorgeous . My parents taught me from a young age to treat everyone with respect FYI back then I was a Jehovahs witness. We mixed with Black people asian people infact from all accross the racial spectrum & never looked at people as being better or worse than us. Homosexuality was considered a sin to us & from a young age around 6 i think . we were told the story of Sodom & gommorah . So we knew what homosexuality was , but we were always taught that they were human just like us & we had no right to treat them badly or judge them as only god had that right.  Religion in my opinion is the most devisive thing in humanity. But hatred or acceptance is a learned thing. Most people accept homosexuality as no different to heterosexuality. An episode of the simsons showed a gay pride march They were chanting we're here we're queer get used to it . Lisa answered we are used to it you do it every year. Its accepted now because it DOESNT MATTER. I agree with you also Kate.
Where has the figure 10% come from? Even that article linked from the independent put it at 1 in a 100 and to say in reality you think its a fair bit higher than 10% is complete nonsense.

Does the BBC not have more important things to worry about than the sexual orientation of its presenters.

Which is no ones concern except for the presenters themselves.
"Religion in my opinion is the most devisive thing in humanity. But hatred or acceptance is a learned thing." - 100% agree.

+Ryan Barlow The following comment to the one you mentioned showed how that Independent article differs significantly to the 2011 Census, so I wouldn't put too much faith in the IHS stats. Also, please learn to use Google :)

"Estimates of the occurrence of same-sex behavior range from 2 to 10 percent of the population. A 1992 study reported that 6.1% of males in Britain have had a homosexual experience, while in France the number was reported at 4.1%. In New Zealand, a 2006 study suggested that 20% of the population anonymously reported some homosexual feelings with few of them identifying as homosexual. Percentage of persons identifying as homosexual was 2–3%. According to a 2008 poll, 13% of Britons have had some form of same-sex sexual contact while only 6% of Britons identify themselves as either homosexual or bisexual. Contrastingly, a survey by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2010 found that 1.5% of Britons identified themselves as gay or bisexual, and the ONS suggests that this is in line with other surveys showing the number between 0.3% and 3%"

Values from 1% - 20%. I was stating a mid-range value. The comment about individuals being unwilling to admit their sexuality in an environment where it's not accepted is perfectly reasonable and rational. Far from nonsense.
So basically you don't like the statistic that only 1 in a 100 people are gay so you thought you would find some statistic that suited your point of view using Google? Could you repeat your earlier statement about propaganda again please?

6% of males have had a homosexual experience so what counts as a homosexual experience? A crush on your best mate? A kiss behind the bike shed.
Statistics can be easily manipulated by who is asking the questions for their own ends.

Values do not range up to 20% that is a lie we could all pick numbers out of the air.
no genuine survey has ever put the figure at 20%. Stonewall put the figure at 6% and I am sure we can trust them not to play it down.

I also remember that some time ago a scientist released a thesis saying that a particular gene causes homosexuality. However sometime later it was found he falsified his findings. I cant remember who or what but it was about 10 years ago. Obviously stonewall have their own agendaas do any group that wants to validate itself. It does not matter what the % is homosexuality is part of the worlds culture & has been since recorded  history. Religious people are welcome to disagree with it but as god is our judge we should leave it to him to punish or reward. I am not perfect & if there is a god ? i hope i am in his good books. I will not mistreat threaten or show hatred to anyone that is different to me( apart from rapists & child molesters) .
Does it matter what sexual oriantation u r gay or straight as long as they do a gd job who cares
This is so biased. Why can't merit be the sole criteria? Why should race, colour, gender or sexual orientation dictate pseudo merit for a post or event? 
its all about filling quotas nothing else. To being seen free of predudice. They do only seem to employ publically schooled people with a degree who fulfill their Lefty agenda though so in that respect they are heavily predudiced.
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