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Schoolboy, 13, spends TWO DAYS with pencil stuck in hand after hospital sent him home and made him wait for operation
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This is why you shouldn't cut the NHS
That is absolutely ridiculous ! What were they thinking off sending him home with a pencil in his hand. Mad!
Rawn Rackers:
Yer we cockneys know about this stuff as it's stilll going on, so whats your point.

The mice:
Get it, pencil, point.
"we should haff"
"I known it's just they have riped off and stolen so much of his life i can't laught anymore"
Thats bad but how sid he get t pencil stick in his messaging about no doubt. 
REDICULOUS! this should have never happened. What were they thinking.
Ola Wa
As much as I sympathize with the distressed mother and let's face it, he should have been given treatment right away, but what bugs me is what kind of imbecile stucks a pencil in his hand???
My thoughts exactly no doubt he was up to no good.
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