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I know many will be horrified. But I slap my 14 year old daughter: As a Cabinet minister admits smacking his children, one mother insists it's part of being a loving parent

Is smacking part and parcel of being a loving parent?
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Well it never did her any harm. Much. Erm....
She looks like she's been slapped about a fair bit.
I can only say I was never smacked by my parents, but I did get the cane at school and abuse for being fat, I do not feel the cane affected me, toughened me to life, and the abuse made me want to fight back prove who I am to myself not the yobs.
I think its wrong that these youngesters are laughing at someone afflicted with lazy eye
i think parents should have authority and rite to b strick where they need, in brought up process of their loving  children..this is also part of thier love to apply right hand rule :} to  stop children to do wrong things,
If a government is going to dictate how I am to raise my children then they have another thing coming. I was slapped when I stepped out of line and it did me no harm. In fact it taught me who was boss and what was acceptable behaviour. If parents slapped their kids now and again there wouldn't be so many yobs out there today. 
Good grief, no. The overwhelming opinion of behaviorists, child psychologists and educators based upon decades of research and clinical studies in settings around the globe is that corporal punishment is a terrible idea. Increased aggression, truancy, problems later in life... the list goes on. It's not PC or pop psychology, it's well documented. It's not the child's behavior or habits that needs correcting.
If you can hit a kid then I should out of the blue smack you with a trout;)
It is as necessary as water for a crop field
So being a loving parent is abusing your child???
The scriptures says we should not spare our children the rod of correction.
If she spanks her for correction and the girl understand why she has been corrected, it is okay. Abuse come in when the correction is an act of releasing vexation on the children.
Sparing children of today from correction makes them look into the face of their parent and call them names and get away with it.
There's no longer respect between parents and children again all in the name of sparing them the rod.
I would like to balance it up here that the child must know the reason and understand why he/she is corrected.
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