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No. It's the thin end of the wedge. The BBC should not be allowed to censor otherwise who knows where it will end.
Here's the thing... When they don't cut things from repeats (like the Top of the Pops/Jimmy Savile episode of the Tweenies) the tabloids pounce and make a big deal of it, but when they do cut things the tabloids still pounce.

Lessons learned? Broadcast what you like because you can't "win" when the tabloids always have it in for you.
Do the Lefty intelligentsia in the BBC really believe us dumb plebs believe in Basil's rantings? Not very intelligent of them. Maybe they should get out of their ivory towers a bit more before telling us what's best for us.
I completely agree with the BBC's decision. It doesn't matter if a show is regarded as one of the greatest of its kind or if it's some cheap reality show starring washed up soap actors. Racism is unacceptable in all forms. Faulty Towers may have been a comedy and they probably didn't mean to cause any offence but that doesn't mean we can let the BBC air racist material just for the sake of nostalgia. 
The Daily Mail lives in an era which does not exist except in the minds of its own delinquent readers where there were no immigrants or even if they were there they did not have any rights or even if they had any rights those rights could not be enforced.
I dont care what the BBC show or don't as nothing on their channels is worth the dictatorial licence fee. I watch nothing on any of their channels on principle. The Jimmy Savile story proves that there is a child sex ring at the very top of the establishment both in government & the BBC raping & abusing our kids. 
S Mann
they canned mind your language as well.
one of the funniest programs of its time.
booo to you BBC
Better to laugh at history than pertpetualy relieve it. Why protect a fact from ever expressing about it. History has done enough damage, cannot be forgotten like the Chinese believe. If it offends tough cookie, a lot of things offend, in the end you never laugh. Please, grow up.
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