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I think this megalomaniac little shite ought to go to North Korea (he would probably call it the People's Democratic Republic of) and he can have as many 'brainwaves as he likes.

Well said, Ian Smith, I too am fed up with these academics talking to us like children. They haven't even got the brains to realise their little party is over when Brown was dragged kicking and screaming from Number Ten.

Maybe they should get out more before they decide what's best for little people. though if I saw this obnoxious, opinionated idiot, I would cross the street.
The poor wretch is obviously suffering from an extreme form of chronic BS syndrome, a condition acquired from prolonged incarceration in dim airless rooms surrounded by like-minded self-obsessed academics.

Can be terminal if not treated by fresh air when the sufferer will in the final stages spin around in ever decreasing circles until he disappears up his own backside. Tragic.
get stuffed if i want to smoke its my right i dont drink i dont go on holladays its my bit of pleasure leave us alone in the year 2525 song comes to mind 
I wonder how he'd look in an SS uniform? That's how it starts.
they are taking our money of us with ATOS and now they want are smokes what next our wheelchairs and charging us for our extra bedroom oops i forgot we cant sublet socal housing i wont be paying so a nice tent awates next year 
Has the world gone completely insane?
yep its called the men from eton town ie utube it 
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