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Today's front page: Treat addicts, don't lock them up: MPs pave way to legalise drugs as they admit prison sentences are failing to deter offenders
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What nonsense Andrew. It is not the business of government what people choose to put in their bodies. Alcohol and tobacco are drugs which have lots of damaging effects. Even caffeine is a psycho-active drug with significant effects. The only result of criminalising recreational drugs is to cause death and injury from contaminated products and a great deal of violence through the illegal trade. No society has ever been able to stop drug use and none ever will. Legalisation will make it possible to control the quality of the product, collect taxes on the sale, and reduce the corrosive effect of criminal gangs on our society.
The war on drugs has failed. The only thing that's been achieved is pushing a multibillion pound industry in to the hands of criminals, cartels, and thugs who use violence and death as business techniques. To blindly say "NO! Drugs are bad, keep them illegal!" removes all intelligence from the debate. Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, paracetomol are all drugs and can all be bad for you if not handled correctly. Legalise drugs, bring them under government control. Regulate them, tax them. Educate yourselves, then educate the children!
Malcolm Saunders: Finally the government has come to some sense here. I just hope it catches on. Once the Nanny State starts telling people who elect and pay for them, what they can put inside them, there's no stopping.

Drugs, smoking, alcohol, salt, five-a-day... it just go on. Under the last shambles of a government. Ed Balls even gave us instructions on how to cook a chicken drumstick.
just think how much money the gov could make on dope alone more ppl smoke than drink and it would save NHS as i would use it as a pain killer instead of man made ones its proven to help MS and some other conditions 
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