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Dam stupid advice, need to educate the parents, take them to some serious at risk cases, surgery is negative so young.
Educate the parents, sure, but what are the odds of that being successful for the the already obese? If the child is already obese, gastric bypass could be a literal lifesaver, especially if their parents don't learn shit.
S Mann
It should be available to children who have medical need to do so.

just be educating the parents doesnt mean the kid drops the weight. if you are a parent you will understand.
If the parents are 'stupid' enough to allow thier child to get to that state, you think all of a sudden they will get 'educated'
Oh yeah, waste millions on obese lazy kids who have incompetent parents, greater education and hiking junk food prices by 2-3 fold and youll see a big change.
S Mann
+Marcus Winchester making food expensive will not have a great impact. Someone else who wnats to make a quick buck will create something cheaper. I would agree to that if its not the gov who would benefit from the price hike, but the extra money goes back into helping obesity.

These are children, how many kids do you know who hit the gym? This has to be a joint effort by the school the child attends as well to engage them in more activities.  not let them stand by the side line cos he wasnt picked.
its more complicated than just thinking kids are lazy.
I agree with most. In drastic cases it's a route to go down but offering surgery up as a viable option will only make parents and children more lazy and ignorant to the problem.
Already these kids will be facing issues I am sure, why add surgery and the on-going surgery to their childhood issues. They will grow up even worse than they might turn out. Someone is sniffing make money for surgery, that is my guess.
This is ridiculous! Encourage them to go outside and play and stop eating crap. Surgery should be a last option!
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