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They've done nothing to earn a prison sentence but the poverty and violence of jail are the first impressions scores of Argentinian children who are born in custody have of life.
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: ( sooooo sad, just can't imagine what it must be like to grow up in this environment!!!!!! Xxx
There are different ways of looking at this. 
Life on the outside is not so jolly either. It is a Jungle out there. The Children who are born in Prison will be hardened up to reality and it will not come as a shock to them. They stand a better chance of survival in what is a brutal world.
Wrapping your Children up in cotton wool can be very damaging. 
+Clark Graham "They stand a better chance of survival [in a prison] in what is a brutal world".

So are you saying all children stand a better chance in life by being raised in a prison, or do you mean only the ones who are born to convicts?

They stand a better chance outside than inside. Its the laws there that doesn't seem to apply, I mean why are they allowing female prisoners to have kids behind bars and having the children grow up to the age of awareness before having them taken from behind prison bars. 
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