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BBC apologises after Mensa guest says anyone with an IQ of 60 is a ‘carrot’ on live Breakfast show
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Not a very bright comment, shows intelligence is not the be all and end all, that he is a moron.
That is nothing more than politicly correct thuggery. An IQ of 60 is poor for a carrot. For example, if the US Senate were full of carrots rather than the current 100 members, we would have a collective IQ of 6,000 well above their present level of 6.
A typically vegetablist comment you'd expect from meatists.

I'm incensed enough with terms like 'couch' potato!

Vegetable rights and peace!
If he had said anyone with an IQ of 60 would vote for ukip and then burned an effigy of Margaret Thatcher he would probably be chairman of the BBC by now.
I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people are thinking the same as this Mensa guest*, but wouldn't be as daft to say it on live TV.

* for the record, I don't mean me! 
Mensa once advertised for members in the Sun. Say no more.
Why are the BBC apologizing for his comments? He is free to express an opinion, even a daft one like this. By making this apology they must think that their audience are stupid enough not to realise that his comment didn't represent the views of the entire workforce and presenters of the BBC.
Give us some credit beeb, we can kind of work that one out.
People have to start getting a grip soon you will not be allowed to talk to anyone without worrying about offending someone. You have a right to say what you want if someone is offended too bad get over it no one dies from being offended.

Anyway people with an IQ of 60 wouldn't even know what IQ stood for
AOK Usman: To all those Labour voters who have IQs of sixty or below.
Actually I think that that is a bit insulting about McDonald's workers it might not be the most glamorous job in the world but at least they are working unlike the benefit scum who think working in McDonald's is below them.
It's also a first rung. No job is for ever. The real retards are those who won't work and blame it all on 'Fachur klosin all the faktries.'
Anyone with an IQ of below 69 was originally classified as a moron so carrot or moron you decide. Still being a moron has not stopped a lot of TV presenters from having a very nice career.
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