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Is this the most brutal thug in Britain? Sickening CCTV shows the moment girl, 16, is punched so hard from behind by total stranger she is knocked out cold
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It seems your shortened link doesn't go to the article... It has a little bit of jibberish after the ".html"
I don't need to see the video, just reading the article shows this guy is a cowardly piece of shit. I like to believe if people carry on behaving this way they will eventually get what they deserve, whether that's prison or a fucking good kick in. Scum!
Jail is wasted on scum like this. Lot to be said for middle ages justice of stocks and public retribution for acts like this
They ask the question "Is this the most brutal thug in Britain?", sadly probably not. There are plenty of people like him in this country.
+Paul Day I agree, but sometimes the courts hand are tied and they can't hand out what the law allows them to. It's the laws that need changing. What I don't get is how they started dishing out 7 year sentences to people involved in the riots last year. I know it's to send out a message, but surely they were bending the rules on how long they can sentence someone for. If they can do that with the rioters, why can't they do it in other cases?
The amazing thing is there's people who can't comprehend how wrong this it. Teenagers who are probably watching this or similar videos and instead of seeing how awful this is will actually be laughing and saying cool. Then how long is it until they are doing the same thing to impress their friends, or just to take their uncontrolled anger out on someone. People need to be educated. This girl could've died. Her families life would've been ruined, and the same can be said for the person who did it.
And the government thinks that criminals like this animal should be given a second chance within society?! I say drop him right in the middle of the Gaza conflict n leave him with nothing but that same fist, we can watch on TV every Saturday night n see how far he gets, beats Xfactor any day, trust me.
Punches like a girl, runs like a pussy. I wish he tried that on me!
This is horrible. This senseless hoodlum deserves to be caught!
Apparently this is called "Polar Bear hunting" - were white people are targets of attacks by non-Caucasians
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