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'Stuff does not bring happiness': Sir Richard Branson pledges to give away half his Virgin fortune to 'make a difference in the world'
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Ta, I'll take £2m while you're at it!
:-D good for him. Money makes money and you only really need enough to keep you and your family comfortable, with enough to stay wealthy. Too much and it can destroy your family. 
Quite commendable but everyone needs to change and be like Sir Richard 
i really hate it when billionaires say shit like that
I need serious help....I already lost my house.
A great sacrifice by the one who has done enough for the development, innovation and trade. Thank you. May God multipy your wealth. This is duty towards those from whom you earned. Wealth does not decrease when it is distributed.
Is not always about him....what about hundreds of people working in his organization and their family's who depends on that facts. To have been able to created somethings that has made lots of differences in the world...that's immensely. ...for somone to dream a dream and then come to passed in such huge way...u can't fault him whichever way he choose to disposing is wealth. God endowed everyone of us innately to be whatever we want to be...some just do not have the capacity to tap into it due to different circumstances in their life. More grease to his elbow I say.
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