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Millions of workers should be tested for drugs: Met chief declares war on substance abuse -

Sex probe comic Freddie Starr marries pregnant fiancee after three-year romance in low-key wedding -
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+Richard Brown Maybe they will dude, but I'd bet that the MET chief would soon pipe down once his 'fine' establishment were to be put at the front of the testing queue.
There was an article recently about tackling drugs in the police force, apparently "it's only a small minority". Yeah, the rest are pissheads, wife-beaters, corrupt, racists, or think they are above the law.
If implemented just wait for the Human Rights cases to flood in ...
Does that include politicians because a lot of their policies seems like they came to them under the influence.
But it's fine to drink yourself to oblivion and waste hundreds of hours of police time every weekend.
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