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While most 23 year olds are lucky to receive an occasional handout from their parents, one very lucky woman receives a massive £10,000 a month from her mother.
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Stupid girl. If I was getting that allowance I'd save it, invest it, do something with. No telling when it might dry up . . .
all that money and still can't buy class
Its her money let the girl do what she wants with it and at least she might help to get the economy working.
The comment about Africa is just dumb and childish.
Interesting, she seemingly chose to publicise her excessive lifestyle. I wonder if this is her attempt to become one of those people who are famous for being famous? Or maybe she was tricked into doing this story? 
Ryan, just because someone can afford to do something doesn't make it right. If she wants to flaunt her wealth she can take some flak for it. The Africa comment was completely relevant, that £20k handbag could have fed thousands. 
still getting pocket money from mum at the age of 23?Mum's not going to be around forever,enjoy the money while it last.
Nor does it make it wrong.

What she does with her money has nothing to do with Africa you only said it for some cheap point scoring, are you really naive enough to think that africas problems can be solved with money?

Your comment is completely irrelevant you could put that comment behind 95% of all headlines. Video hits 1 billion on you tube... Meanwhile in africa. Government cuts benefits to 1%......meanwhile in Africa.
Its her mum who is at fault! 
Excuse me for being blasé about first world problems when there are millions starving to death due to our excess. 
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