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'We must never forget what happened here': David Cameron goes barefoot as he pays respects at Golden Temple of Amritsar where British soldiers shot dead hundreds of protesting Indians in 1919 -

Should Cameron apologise for the Amritsar Massacre? Join our debate: 
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I'm always unsure about this apology business. On one hand if it's earnestly meant and accepted, and it allows us to move forward as friends then it's got to be a positive thing. My concern is always though, where do you draw the line on these things, do the people of Rome formally apologise for their invasions of Europe. Do the people of Spain need to apologise to the indigenous people of Latin America, do the United states need to do the same to those from the North .. What about the Arab expansion, the Greek government formally apologise for Alexander the Great ! ..  OK .. Sounds ridiculous, but the point is, where do we draw the line .. 

Ultimately, I think it's all politics, if it moves us forward .. Great .. 
+Francis Anderson Good Job...I learn to do my best to not apologies  for serious things which mean I have promised my self to avoid as much as I can to harm others. Ok pushing you accidentally, interrupted you while you talking, walked in front of you...etc yeah I say usual "sorry"  and I mean it...but do my best to harm you then say "sorry" ...that's never far as I remember I have never hurt others seriously...Also I must say I have no idea why Mr Cameron has to apologies...I have no knowledge ...I'm talking in general and may be because of my friend who her life ruined by doctors...Later on  then they told her "sorry" how that sound????
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