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The boss of an energy giant that has doubled its prices in just seven years could pocket a £13million payoff.
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Gemma N
Dont worry he'll get his
Change the law! 
Companies selling aviation fuel, gas or anything which is essential to the public seem to think it is acceptable to raise the already phenomenal prices associated with their product! 
In the middle of a recession when people are struggling to make a living news like this absolutely disgusts me! 
He is obviously a greedy man and doesn't deserve this amount of money! NO ONE MAN NEEDS THIS AMOUNT OF MONEY and he sure as hell doesn't deserve it especially when poverty is as rife as it is!
Protest, picket, sign a petition with 100000000000000 names but sure as hell don't let him walk away with £13 million for doing what I consider absolutely nothing!!!  
I hope that grimace is because he's sitting on something spiky.
Perhaps this illustrates the folly of selling off the national silver - had power remained a nationalised industry, we would have a) been self-sufficient in energy,(albeit nuclear) b) not had to spend millions subsidizing wind power that has to have duplicated conventional plant for when the wind doesn't blow, c) seen stabilized and economic prices that reflected the true cost of production, not profit inflated.
+Bruce Edwards OMG! Nationalisation killed our industry, though it was blamed on Thatcher.

And whilst talking about 'selling the national silver' - another cliché from the eighties - you could enlighten us about how Brown sold off our gold at Car-boot-sale prices.

Not a clever bunny!

Nevertheless a good excuse to break up this corrupt monolith, if the government has the guts as this sort of pay-off is most likely the tip of the iceberg.
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