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Census data shows 'British whites' are the minority in London for the first time and number of UK immigrants has jumped by 3m in 10 years
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What a pity!  On the same footings of America and African region, soon UK will be devoid of its own residents:)
does it matter what 'colour' live in the UK we are a multi coloured race not a single coloured world .. stop labeling people ..we are all human  .. does it matter what colour person lives next door, if they are nice
It's not like is question of increased number of immigrants that is exceeding the natives. Otherwise, the world is a global village now. 
It does not matter what colour, but the figures state immigrants up, small wonder that young people are finding it hard to find work. Those immigrants are imported workers, firms like Butlins and other holiday resorts employ cheap labour from such sources, refuse to take on UK out of work.
and veg growers as uk young wont do it so without these workers no fresh veg some body has to pick the sprouts and spuds for xmas dinner 
Firms never refuse to take an out of work British person on, its because the British born would rather sit at home on benefits. If we didn't have the unfair benefit system that we have, than people would be forced to work and do the jobs that they consider beneath them, rather than sit at home living off everyone else. Don't blame immigration for lack of work its the benefit system. No benefits no immigrants.
i am in a wheelchair now but i used to work all over on the land veg farm work but today i am called a scrounger and low life wages were based on land wage so i got 35 a week plus food and bed nice life travling round but young ppl dont want to move away and work in cold and wet all day so poles come over and do it 
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