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A 21-year-old man has died following a collision with a marked police car early this morning.
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oops,the cops made a mistake of killing an innocent...again!
Even if he shudnt have bin there @ 5.30,the point is he was hit by a car,a police car or a civilian car,the driver must be charged.N yeah,it would still have made the news.
Whole point of highways by any name - freeway, dual carriageway, whatever - is that pedestrians and bicyclists or other slow vehicles (presumably including handicapped wheelchairs or vehicles drawn by horses, camels, oxen or dogs) are not allowed on them, due to speed considerations, since highways are by definition meant for vehicles with speed. Add darkness and sudden appearance of an unexpected obstacle in any form, and the vehicle is lucky to survive. Moreover in developed nations it is not easy to go wandering about on highways and pedestrians do have other options. So do motorists with breakdowns. So it really is a very good question what the pedestrian was doing on a dual carriageway in the dark.
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