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Voters will be given the chance to leave the European Union by the end of 2017, David Cameron will say today.
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Finally someone with a backbone. I might even vote for him now😳!
This is what was promised 3 years ago, and dropped 6 months before the general election. I joined UKIP this month, tired of a lifetime of the same old lies working minimum wage for a degree level job in Euro fantasy land. I decided if you want something doing right, do it yourself and get involved.
It angers me and the worst thing about it is 90% of them are the same, Liers and no guts. I am just hoping UKIP get the votes!
Why wait? Or isthis another election pledge that can be dropped? In four years time we could be sucked into the EU abyss.
I could have sworn he used this trick to win votes before. A liar like most of them! 
+Andy Moore he doesn't have a back bone. If he had one he'd hold a referendum before the 2015 general election. The only reason he said 2017 is so people vote for him. Trust this man at your peril
+Lisa Barducci since being in the EU. We have better employment laws, certain things have become cheaper. My main problem is the freedom of Europe for anyone with an EU passport, which is why it's so difficult to get work in a factory or cleaning position as they're now majority filled by foreign workers. Which is why there's so many people out of work. Another problem is we're broke, and we still have to get billions of £'s in loans to bail out other countries. I'm still on the fence. The people of this country need unbiased professional opinions of the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the EU. You can't listen to the media as they're all politically biased.
The only politicians who are pro-EU are ones who hope to get something out of it. No one believes in it out of any conviction. We were dragged into it with lies and have been lied to ever since. When we last voted to join we were assured that there were 'no plans' for political union by the politicians who dragged us in but who we know know were aware that this was a long term aim of Brussels.

The only argument they can level at EU-sceptics is to call them xenophobic little-Englanders, whilst dragging us by stealth into an EU superstate - one that looks increasingly to be undemocratic.

These Eurocrats have some pretty horrible plans that occasionally is leaked to the press and are then quashed as 'nonsense' like the proposed new 'regions' which links England's south coast with the north coast of France in an attempt to destroy regional identity. They keep quiet about these until they have enough power to impose them without our say-so.

The red-tape they impose on us is stifling trade with other parts of the world and is the tip of the iceberg. The more familiar I get the more convinced we should have nothing to do with this authoritarian institution.

For a better view you should listen to Daniel Hannan, an MEP who campaigns for his ultimate redundancy.
Muslims = Christians
Same God, same treatment of unbelievers, Heretics
Different language, newer book, similar foreign source.
Same treatment of slaves.
Same Women's rights.
Same treatment of difference.
Same promises.
Charity obligatory for Muslims, optional for Christians
Islam has a better reputation with sex crimes against children after the fall of Constantinople, Catholics - constant heinous exploitation, Anglican church used British orphans as slave labour in Australia - turned the other cheek with corporate slavery in America even when UK subjects were made slaves of.
Personally I would be happy to put them all in a pit fight and let them get on with it. Proof denies faith, too many sects each claiming they are the 'True' faith chosen by God. Prove God exists, and that yours is the one true faith before you are allowed to practice it in the UK. Buddisum (our term not theirs) has the advantage for belief is not necessary.
+David Kendrick I really don't know should I laugh at what are you saying or feel sadness, read more about "Jehad" in Islam and how Islam spread by wars and killing people, you said "same women rights" !!! look at how muslims treat their women by covering them to not let them stir the men desires, you said "sex crimes" in Egypt their are religious parties whose members are "sheikhs" read about their advisory opinions in Islam and how the Islam allowed men to marry girls from the age of 3 years old, read about how Islam treats the non muslims either fight them or let them live under its rules. you don't know anything about Islam I'm living with this and I know what is the real of it, you want to know Islam "Osama Bn Ladn" is the real of Islam that is what God told them in Quran kill people in the name of God,Mohammed & Islam and you will get the paradise 
Re Hawk Kero
The Koran is as much fake as the Bible, the Bible was written 300 years after the death of Christ, the Koran after the death of Mohammed and all his family. Which means because both originators were dead, it was followers who wrote the 'Holy' books, most of which were secularists, politically funded and used the resulting work to purge the world of opposition including heathens. Like all works they promote a point of view, which is biased and entirely promotes the society of the time by legitimizing its culture.

Do you really want to live in the Culture of the Middle East of 1600 years to 2000 years ago and never be able to leave ?

What you do with that point of view depends upon the person. It does not define you, that is why we have secular laws. Britain until Henry VIII had cannon laws as well, it was the Church's corruption which ended the practice. We no longer allow murderers, rapists and thieves to escape justice by entering a monastery, we give them short sentences and parole them. Sharia law would have essential bits cut off, including the head. Some people would favor Islam - especially victims, lawful vengeance and heavenly redemption in the brotherhood.         
+David Kendrick the bible wrote by the disciples of Jesus and the churches collected all what were written, they wrote it with inspiration of God, I will suppose that there are some wrongs in rewriting it or in copying it but those wrongs will be in words, expressions, some details not in incidents or in concepts & principles and there are a great diff here, the problem with Quran is its principles, if you think the followers of Mohammed changed it, "those followers" the muslims consider them as heroes of Islam, and if they changed they would never change the principles that Mohammed had taught them.

the culture of the middle east still exists, everything of persecuting the diff, those secular laws all what I respect in my life those what I dreamed with, but muslims do not ever respect them or admit with them and the people who believe in secular laws are unbelievers in God in Islam, muslims should respect secularity but this term means disbelief in God for them.

I really really can not believe you, do you see that Sharia law with all what it has of inhuman laws I should respect and let it be applied in the muslim countries, and you are screaming of the church when it ruled UK !!!!, what is the diff between church of UK & the "sheikhs" of the religious parties in the islamic countries ?!!
plus they do not just want Sharia to be applied in their countries only but in UK itself look at this
and at that time I will find you to tell me about secular laws in your country

I love Great Britain & I always see it the greatest country in the world of all history I wished to be British one day work & die for my people, people that respect me as I respect them, not people who see that they should kill me in name of God & they left me just to show the world that they have little mercy

Save & rescue UK in the name of what you believe in, UK is the greatest & you are going to destroy all what your ancestors did :(
+HAWK KERO One thing is that we've moved on from the god bit. That's why we have a country everybody comes to. Th only people here that 'want saving' are those still hung up on one religion or other - whether it's some old man in the sky or the State. The rest of us are doing fine - that is if these others will let us be.
+Richard Winnington you know I do not have any thing with any religion even Buddhism or any belief, but Islam is extremely different than any other belief, it is not a religion it is a legal statement of killing people, marrying young girls from 3 years old, you can marry 4 women at the same time, you can have women as slaves, it is a legal statement of doing dangerous inhuman disasters in name of a religion and finally you will get the paradise.
believe me any other belief has nothing can kill your freedom or your life, any belief you can accept it or refuse it but Islam trying to force all people in the world to believe in it, Islam is more dangerous than you think, I do not defend Christianity or any other belief I defend our humanitarian & freedom  
Re Hawk Hero

As a Humanist I have as much a problem with Christians as Muslims who are people who judge and act on their faith not ethics and morality. I have a similar prejudice against those who only do what is legal, rather than what is right or wrong. And as for saving the UK from foreign imported faiths, all well and good. Christianity can walk out of the door as well so we can return to wickan.

It is however possible to find good Christians and Muslims as well as bad ones. 
+David Kendrick you are talking about people and I'm talking about belief with concepts & principles, principles of killing others and killing humanitarian, did you read anything of what I wrote ?!!!!!!!!!!!!
+David Kendrick Christianity does not allow killing people in name of God or anything of what I've mentioned about Islam
your problem is with some Christians or some muslims, but my problem is with Islam itself !!!!
I read, I understand, but I do not share the fear. They are all alike, my problem is that you, a Christian fundamentalist do not understand that here your outdated belief system has caused all the deaths due to religious wars in the UK. Islam like Christianity should be banned. I favor and fear not one over the other. Our 1641 civil war and most of the ones until 1795 were faith wars between Christians. 
+David Kendrick I totally agree with you there were a lot of wars in name of Christianity, and there were people who used the religion in wars to gain something from others, but think little about it the Christianity does not allow any of this and all those wars happened what if Islam allow this and it is legal in its beliefs ?! what will happen then ?

Christianity was based upon persecution of those Jews who would not accept the new faith, or more faithfully Christians are a persecuted Jewish sect which abandoned its home then used its status in the Roman Empire to persecute its persecutor for the next 2000 years - Including the last Catholic purge in 1939.

The Council of Nicea in AD 325 allowed the Eastern Roman Empire to force one version of Christianity upon Europe, Christianity - The Roman Catholic version with the trinity, where murder is a sin held no quarms about forceful conversion and execution of official heretics, with the proclamation of Constantine that those who did not accept the ruling of the council were to be put to death - so it is actual law and this because it was a Jewish sect means literally the Torah is also banned.

Declaring a nation as barbarians and  was also normal practice forced upon Ireland and the British church in Iona, the two native churches in the British Isles where they were declared Heretic sects. Conversion was as much forced as political, the Catholic Church had full coffers to get the ears of the Nations Kings. One nation under God.

So I will repeat, I am in favour of getting all faiths banned. Islam is as legal as Christianity, but legal is not right or wrong. Faiths are an unsubtle form of social control which rewards a believer for a life of exploitation with a promise of redemption without proof. 
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