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Congregation in shock after vicar accidentally shows them a 'page 3 style' image during a Power Point sermon... An anonymous parishioner described the image as 'pornographic'.
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Rob Fig
Hypocrisy at its best!. +Amy
Brilliant. I wonder who stitched him up! 
Rob Fig
They are likely just getting started with the bruising +Anthony Hua . Lol. It will last a lifetime. Hahaha
Rob Fig
Yes dear +Amy Kathleen . Brilliant how God moves in Mysterious ways. Lol.
Rob Fig
+Amy Kathleen . add me as friend so we can talk in pv. longer, better. The real act is not meant to be pornographic.
Rob Fig
Why are you defending him +Amy Kathleen . Do you know this young associate?. Have you seen the image of the naked woman?. I do not see it.
S Mann
Well atleast it wasn't a picture of a naked man or child
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