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It took a lot of balls for him to go against a large portion of his own party like that.

What that means for his chances of future support within the party remains to be seen, but as an individual he has definitely scored a few extra points in my book. 
Did you see any other party fight so viciously against this bill? No.

The majority of Conservatives support the minority view of the (mostly) over 50s. It is they who have shown how out of touch they are. It is they who have said some utterly ludicrous, outrageous, and offensive things. It is they who have damaged* the reputation of the party, not David Cameron.

*I say damaged, more like reinforced people's opinion of the Conservatives as sexist, ageist, and homophobic.

Kudos to Mr Cameron and every MP who voted for every citizen of this country to be equal under the law.
The Conservative/Liberal government has undertaken a number of directions that were never in their plans laid out before the electorate. Serious changes to our right to determine how our island evolves does not rest with one man. Back door methods of change to catch votes is all it is about. Real issues are swept aside like the soon influx swarth of EU benefit tourists, not a voice at all from our faceless leader.
It wasn't one man. It was 650 elected representatives of the people - it's called a democracy. It was a free vote in the House of Commons, meaning every single MP from every party could, and did, vote as their conscious dictated. If the overwhelming public attitude was against this, the Bill would not have passed.
Dave it was one man who made almost an empasioned plea on TV while the debate was underway. He was using HIS full weight to dictate the terms of HIS future 'you scratch my back' attitude. He should have kept his trap shut during the debate process, it was electioneering stakes.
I'll admit it was odd he wasn't there, but I think he was entertaining the Vice President of the US? Not sure of the details.

But, you could say over 70 MPs made passionate pleas on TV during the debate, both for and against, as the whole thing was televised.

I understand your point, though. But isn't that politics? If you haven't watched The Thick Of It (especially season 2) then I highly recommend it!
David Cameron is like Odo the shape shifter in charge of Deep Space Nine.
Sorry Dave, you are correct, and honorable as well.
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