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How did it survive? Laughing teen girls hurl kitten across bedroom on sickening Facebook video
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It's the internet and they're hurting cats. Just wait, all the cat lovers will come to the rescue.
I think that now this is public they will be in real shit,and a bloody good job I hope they're lives are made a misery.
Boy what fun it would be if it wasn't a cat, but! The liberals
+steven frickey I don't think this a 'liberals' thing, a 'treehuggers' thing, a 'bleeding heart' thing or a 'down on the kids' thing. I think this a 'common courtesy to another living creature' thing, irrespective of genus, breed or status. This shit is bang out of order for anyone with a pulse.
Gemma N
All of God's creatures should be respected, whats wrong with those girls??!!
Where is anonymous when you need them?
What is wrong with those girls.  Doing something like this is just horrible.
Doing this is like throwing a two month old baby around.  It's horrible they should go to a mental institute!
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