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Disturbing questions over Leveson's key adviser Sir David Bell: Special Investigation into a central figure in the Lord McAlpine scandal and judicial inquiry into the press

The Leveson Inquiry has momentous implications for free speech. But this Mail dossier raises disturbing questions about the influence of a quasi-masonic nexus of the 'people who know best'

Why are there so many links to the Leveson Inquiry from Common Purpose?
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I see the newspapers have been working hard to try and discredit Leveson .. there's a surprise !
I see the Left using this enquiry as an excuse to control the media and free speech. Now there's a surprise!
Freedom to tap Milly Dowlers phone and make her family think she may be alive .. That's certainly a freedom they should be denied, and isn't a matter of right or left, both should abhor such actions.
Yes, I read the story, thank you. I mean freedom to be critical of a (Labour?) government, freedom to debate issues like immigration, global warming, EU, racism, homophobia, etc, without being arrested.
:) .. I also support those freedoms +Richard Winnington, that is why I didn't vote Labour at the last election, because of the National ID card scheme and what I felt was creeping censorship. Leveson however, I think is vital to restore dignity to the great art of journalism, as it had become corrupt.
Surely you don't expect such freedom in the Daily Mail do you?
Francis Anderson: Let's not forget why certain papers print this rubbish. I am disgusted by the number of people who like to read these stories and who buy papers simply to get their fix on celebs and glory in other people's misfortunes. The blame goes beyond the likes of Murdoch and it's not going to be stopped by legislation and censorship.
if its up to tories we wont have any transparency either
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