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Horrifying moment mother restrains terrified three-year-old while boy is given a TATTOO -
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The Mail isn't shocked at all, that's why a video of it is embedded into the article. ;-) 
that has to be classified as child abuse .. you are scarring a child ... the tattoist should be prosecuted and so should the parents
if a mother sat and poked a young child with a needle just for the fun of it they would be prosecuted and the child taken into care .. so whats the difference .. jail them
The mother & the tattooist need to be prosecuted for child abuse. Some bloody sick people in this world.
I don't think there is any need to watch a video if what has been said is true as we a all just adding to the ego of these totally inadequate human beings, in any country around the world these Individuals would be arrested and imprisoned for a very long time ....I don't think I can muster up a word that appropriate suits the individuals watching / recording and actually tattooing tis poor child 
Abuse, the Tatooist should have is registration taken away, the mother is off the wall, cracked.
i just dont understand their mentality i took all my 3 sons to their vaccinations when young and i hated them being done and that was for a good reason but i still shut my eyes when they were injected . to put them through a tattoo for cosmectic reasons is horrible.....same as ear piercings .. for gods sake wait till they are old enough to make up their own minds dont force them because you the parent wants it
They are crazy. The mother and the tattoist. God bless the  poor child.
Agree Alan, also have always believed that religion should be something that you choose when you have the facts and not something that is imposed on you, we are an educated species and we should therefore see through our own personal beliefs for many things in life to allow others to make there own decisions....
Thats horrific... Sssooooooo painful... AAAAAHHHH
NO NO NO! What's the point of doing that? Maybe something like: "my son, I want you to remember your stupid mother for ever, even after you'll be killing her" ??!! What's wrong with people?
Eres una desquisiada estas loca o que no escuchas los gritos de tu nino no tienes la mas minima compacion madres como tu deverian ser cruel mente castigadas quisiera irte a romper la cara de estupida que tienes eres una pobres babosa espero que te den tu meresido te lo mereses.
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