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Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius arrested after 'he accidentally shot dead his girlfriend at his South Africa home after mistaking her for a burglar'
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Keeping guns in the house isn't a good idea, better to lose your household items than to lose those you love. Very sad.
Yes, I don't want to sound cynical here but I feel we may be looking at a murder. He does have a bit of a temper. long have the two been together? how could he have failed to recognise his companion after such a time, dressed or butt naked for him to actually point a loaded arm and shoot?...#murder
two moths is such a long time for a man attracted to a couple btw. i dont think it was a mistake....murder in cold blood especially on valentine's day.# crime of passion.
rather a bullet,than two blades.
You are all wrong, it al happened around 4am I don't actually know if you have sunlight at 4 am in the morning but here in SA we don't, And with the current crime rate in SA I also sleep with my gun under my pillow... It was an accident
mike k
Sad news.
Oh please Spokie, what happened to the warning shot? As much as we have crime here, but i can hardly justify 4 shots!!!!
Hes not got a leg to stand on...... 
Can dog's lover tell me please, what the huge two dogs that Oscar have in his house  have done to help???...The dogs suppose know her from her smell, also dogs suppose there to protract him from the intruder!!!  These dogs are helpless...Never like dogs...
+24publishing Thanks, you have no idea how much I appreciate that while I was talking wisely someone like you has agreed with me and add one...I have pleasure to following you my new wise friend. God Bless :-) 
Heard he was legless when it happened. Damm vodka redbulls

I heard police were called before for domostic :( so sad 
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