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Today's front page: Scandal of 23,000 police who have two jobs -

My fear over Diana role: Naomi Watts reveals her concerns about playing Princess of Wales -
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There is nothing wrong with working two jobs - if you are driven enough to want to do it then who are we to judge.
What about the politicians who have two jobs - and also those Journalists who appear on TV and Radio?  should they have 2 jobs?
this is as much a scandal as me having a pint of beer for breakfast, moronic newspaper
Simon Stone. You are either a Police hater or MP. Or both.
Why all the text in caps?
Why the outrage ? Most memebers of parliment have 2nd , and third jobs
Boris johnson mayor of london is also guilty of multiple jobs 
+Clark Graham What on earth has this got to do with Cameron. Are you trying to say that all these coppers have got 2nd jobs since he became PM. I don't think so.
I don't have a problem with people having two jobs regardless of how much or little they're being paid. Not really sure what the scandal is. If there is a clear conflict of interest, then fine. But if not, what's the problem? 
Interesting. Here in the states, it's almost assumed that police and teachers have a second job to supplement their pay.
+Clark Graham That has got nothing to do with the cops having second jobs. Anyway where were you when labour was throwing money away and creating this debt. That's why we have to make cut backs. It's called simple maths
+Clark Graham Well let's all get the hankies out. You are not on your own not getting a pay rise for two years. I have had a second job for over ten years. A lot because I enjoy my work, but if you want things in life you have to work for them.If labour hadn't made it so easy for people who don't want to work, who just want to sit on their arse and take, take, take we wouldn't be in such a mess.
+Clark Graham I don't think you read things properly, or is it understand things properly. I have not criticized the police for having a second job, and I think you will find that condone means support (your words). What I did criticize was your first ridiculous comment that it was Cameron's fault. Anyway I don't think the police should have second jobs, as there quite easily could be a conflict of interests. I don't know how they've got time anyway with all the overtime they book
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