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Girl, 13, is punished with isolation at school for dyeing tips of her hair pink -
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I don't see why this is news. She broke the rules and was punished. The one thing that is remotely shocking is the mother is on her side
S Mann
Damn.where was daily mail when my teacher disciplined me with a ruler and the back of my hand?

It's so wrong that parents don't allow teachers to discipline thier students.however, back in the day, you never got to hear about loony teachers either as you do today. So parents are more jumpy i guess. But rules are rules. Obey or get punished.simple.don't like it?..home school your brats
Don't understand the rules in the first place. How does the colour of your hair affect anything?

I have a biased opinion, hated school so much. Only thing I enjoyed was football at break times and P.E lessons.
Punishing freedom of expression. Something is seriously wrong with those people.
+Magni Ludvigsen this is school, not a fashion show or some art magazine. One of the reasons for a school uniform is so that kids worry less about how they appear and can concentrate on school. 
I don't see why this is news. Doesn't every school have some sort of hair policy? In my school, the rebels would definitely get punished if they cut their hair too short for example.

It appears to be attention seeking by the pupil and/or the mother to me. 
What is with all this petty control, schools are acting like bullies.
If only the Mail were consistent with where tolerance should be shown. Also, her hair looks shite. Maybe the school sent her home so she wouldn't get bullied for looking like a clown? 
I dont see anything wrong with that 
What is her mother thinking of?  Looks like the 13yo is not a true blond either  Fancy allowing your kids to ingest chemicals and look like a plastic doll Irresponsible parenting 
S Mann
love the picture. photographer asked mother to look livid and defensive and the child to look innocent and scared to gain pity and reflect emotions from the readers.
errrr.. no. you are solicitating bs into the community. There are rules to adhere to. follow them.
I can't believe this is news. There should definitely be rules about these things in schools, neatness and uniform should show a sense of belonging, and with this comes a respect for your school, it starts off with hair, then it moves to rules changing for uniform, and then it will ultimately be schools not having rules or regulations, and that's when we need to really worry!!
S Mann
sometimes Daily mail disappoints me with crap news like this. I question thier integrity. Recerntly RT has been annoying me too
It's as if they don't have anything better to write about, when there's wars and poverty all around the world. And I must read this crap about a girl and her pink hair, pathetic!! I wish she and her mother would grow up, or am I not allowed top say that?
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