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Today's front page: Weasel words: Clegg insisted he didn't know about sex allegations against peer but now admits he ordered probe FIVE YEARS ago into 'non specific' claims of assaults
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Maybe it's time for Tricky Nicky to stand aside and let his competitor in the Lib Dem leadership leadership contest take over. Oh hold on....
First Huhne now this.Lib dems really are a political spent force that never was! Do the British people need this,when all around is crumbling down ie AAA Credit rating...First they deny then when in the dock plead guilty.Now another feeble  denial of knowledge followed by a weak/sickly kind of  confession .It gets more pathetic by the minute.A man is innocent until proven guilty who needs this kind of backing behind you when facing allegations of which have not been brought to the court of justice...Understand no charges have been made by police me thinks or have I got that wrong....Fairs.Fair if  you do the crime you should do the crime but not unless you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt.Peoples reputations are besmirched through innuendo  and smearing  ie McAlpine case.yet it still goes on .Let the accused plead his case,that is if there is one to answer.Two sides to every story ,all we are getting is a Lib Dem Damage limitation report....and it is really bad!
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