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Energy bills to soar AGAIN: As the big freeze bites, warning of more pain for every family -
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That's a joke the bills are ridicules bills are already high,they prices down for the summer an put it back up in winter.are we surprise that they companies rake in the profits year after year.just another slap in the face for older people
When it's too cold the wind turbines do not work and require energy to keep them warm. So much for 'green' fuels. But at least the Green lobby's happy while everybody freezes and anyone who's invested heavily in windmills.

David Hesford: Unfortunately the government is saddled with the Liberals who are committed to this man-made global warming fad along with Labour's intelligentsia as they are with the EU who's laws and regulations also force us into alternatives. Just wit and see them clamp down on shale gas, which will provide us with almost endless supply of cheap gas and oil - either that or they'll try to grab it for the 'community' - mainly France and Germany.

Also our power supplies are owned by French and German companies who put their own countries first. We are actually subsidising cheaper fuel for French and Germans. The Tories aren't happy about this but they are effectively a minority in Parliament.
David Hesford: The Americans are new to this environmental thing, having only just been weened off 4-gallons-to-a-mile basketball-pitch-sized automobiles and finding out we are not actually descended from Adam and Eve and the bible should not be taken literally.

In another hundred years, when they can find Asia on the map, they'll realise, like the rest of the world is starting to realise, that this man-made (ought to be person-made but in PC world man is to blame for everything) global warming phenomena is actually a load of bollocks.
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