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Football's fresh shame: Shocking moment Chelsea star Eden Hazard KICKED time-wasting 17-year-old ballboy Charlie Morgan. Watch the video here:
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The ball boy should be banned for life!
I love the confused look on the womens face. "What is that man doing to that poor boy?", or "What is that stupid ball boy doing trying to waste time and pretending he's injured from a kick that hardly touched him".
What a joke that young lad is. His every intention in that game was to time waste, playing the big lad.
Loving how this seventeen year-old is being referred to, by pretty much all parties including the authorities, as a 'little boy'. Bet that goes down well when he hits the pubs this weekend...
It's probably Alex Ferguson that is behind this
I don't see why the ball boy was wasting time .. deserved what he got. Will know not to waste time
That little tyke deserved it. What's the bets his teachers agree? He wasn't kicked very hard yet he acted like he had broken ribs.

Milking his 15 minutes of fame for all it's worth.
+Mwamba Chokolo If it had been me I would have kicked the cretin a lot harder. Sod the fine, screw the suspension!

It's wasters like these that's bringing the country down. I bet he even votes Labour if he's old enough to vote (or BNP.)
Making mountains out of mole hills. Must be better things in the news to discuss.
+Clifford Ashwin Like Kim Kardashian getting her hair done/going to the shops. Still it's nice seeing Chelski getting a come-uppance but I'm being partisan.
And I thought Chelsea were masters at time wasting. Karma!
Kids learn time-wasting and shamming 'injury' like that one demonstrated quite well.
Hazard is a disappointment to all, he should face what ever punishment that he deserves. 
Shocking my backside he kick at the ball from underneath the lad, he should have given the ball straight back, everyone is making to much of this.
+Carol Harwood Just imagine the fuss the media and FA would make if the ball boy was 'ethnic.' Then it becomes a 'racist' incident. We can be thankful for small mercies.
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