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The United Arab Emirates state could soon have an addition to its array of opulent dwellings, with the introduction of the world's largest underwater hotel
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Really amazing project. Good motivation for up and coming engineers like us.
Time is soon be coming when we all be able to have underwater dinner.
Sounds very note worthy for me.
It will be great if we humans don't over play our hands. ...think about the huge risks that comes with such undertaking and many life that will perish during the construction.
And mean while thousands of people in the UAE live in poverty.
+richard brown
and how that will be?
Although it's chain of hotels built by swiss/polish firms its profit will go to local economy.
So seems no reason to think it will impoverish UAE denizens.
There is a ridiculous gap between the rich and poor in countries like UAE. It's digusting.
+richard brown
ever heard of Tourism?
Don't be a prick mate. Of course I've heard of tourism. But do you really think tourism helps every single person in countries like this? No, of course not.
+richard brown
are telling monarch
promoting lux hotels for themselve?
Offcourse, it will help local economy.
And the widening gap between rich/poor
do you know 20 years back this region was poor bedouin village.
Look at it how it has transformed materialised into.
You really don't know what you're talking about. So where do you think all those Bedouin people are now??? And the gap between rich and poor getting closer??? Yeah like someone with almost no money might have a tiny bit more now, but nowhere near what these billionaires have. Jesus Christ!

I'm muting this as there's no point talking to someone who thinks increasing tourism will save all the world problems.
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