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Boyfriend helps to feed 'gainer' girlfriend Tammy Jung 5,000 calories a day through a funnel so that she can fulfil her dream of becoming an obese internet star - so that men with a fat fetish will PAY to watch her eat -
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i wouldn't do it, why, because if she changes her mind its harder to go back
Like when Homer tried to put on weight, except it's real? :(
Greed has its own reward. She will probably have an heart attack as her first client starts to watch her eat. Such is life. 
All sorta "sexy" going on there.
She has some tig ol bitties!
Looks like shes sat on a toilet except her legs block it.very effective way of fattening her up
Sad :(...............
She obviously does not have any self worth :(
OMG another one needing a motorized trolley to get round the supermarket - soon we'll need protected walkways!
Some achieve fame from birth, some achieve fame through greatness! Others, achieve it through idiocy! Fat, stupid and ugly, I'll prefer to go through life in a slightly different manor, but each to there own :-) 
So this must be a free first pic to entice then its £5.99 or cake whichever is larger....
The horror... the horror...
Is it a reflection of society that there appears to market for this. Millions of career choices and she chooses this? If he really loved her instead of having dollars in his eyez he'd talk her out of it.
Both of them should be checked in for therapy. They are two bad cases and need help. The man is there to get his share of the money. He probably doesn't work. If she dies from a heart attack. Is he facing a manslaughter charge. 
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