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Today's front page: The great gay marriage revolt: 118 Tory MPs set to defy Cameron and trigger biggest Tory party rebellion in modern times
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Most gay people aren't particularly strong on this so why has Cameron made this his flagship policy?
Rob Colley: Nope, I've even put it on this site. I'm wondering if foster parents have to be active supporters of Hamas and global warming before being considered legit.

I just surprise the Mail missed it... well, not really as most of their investigative journalism is done on a bar stool or watching Teletubbies.
+Rob Colley Hopefully it'll be going online soon, but we need to be aware that maybe there are some missing details that haven't been publicised yet.

In the mean time it'll be good to be ready to spread this story far and wide.

You maybe aware that, like twitter, G+ uses # to aid topic searches.  So here are a few generic ones  #ukip   #commonpurpose  how about for this case #rotherham  or #joycethacker  ?

On G+ remember to share story to "public" circle to allow easy google searching and sharing of topic by others.

We should try use the same # terms on G+ and twitter consistently. too.

What do you think guys?
good, gay marriage is just a fad,
these so called do gooders need to really get a life and have a 2012 reality check what with them and religious hypocrites we dont stand much of a chance mr cameron im right with u on this and thank u
if straights and homophobes can marry so can gays people really need to ...... wake up
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