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Feminism is partly to blame for the breakdown of the family, one of Labour’s most senior female politicians has said.

Diane Abbott, the party’s public health spokesman, said that major issues facing society ‘stem from family breakdown’.

And in a surprise admission from one of the Left’s most outspoken feminists, she conceded that women’s rights campaigners have neglected the family.

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Good Lord. Is there an election in the offing or something?
If women want to work they should If they want to stay at home & look after her family she should be able to. Its her parties fault we have many social issues. Maybe as a woman of colour she should be speaking to her community about its behaviour IE many men impregnating woman after woman & leaving fatherless children who then join gangs.  Typical Labour scum preaching but not practising.We have Whole estates where most are Totally state dependent claiming benefits. The breakdown of the family & family life took off & sky rocketed during the Labour years of Blair & brown.
The reason for the breakdown of most social aspects of UK life, is party politics. Democratically voting to be represented by someone whose first loyalty is to the party, rather than the constituents interests, can only lead to apathy.
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