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Today's front page: Gongs galore: 127 Olympians led by Sir Wiggo scoop New Year honours - but there's no Sir Mo Farah or Dame Jess Ennis -
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and why no mention of Ben Ainslie on your online page?
Don't you think some of these people have had sufficient recognition. I'm all for amateurs getting awards but not professionals. what about the everyday Joe Bloggs who does his job well every day for little reward. does he not keep the country going as well.
+Brian Cope "A staggering 127 awards have been handed out to those involved [in the Olympics] – more than 10 per cent of the total."

So Joe Bloggs is getting recognition too. But they're not given much prominence in the mainstream media because no one knows who they are and they don't sell papers or get clicks. 
+Anthony Hua but some of those in the Olympics are professionals. To me this defeats the whole object of the games. There was a time when if you were successful in the olympics you turned professional
I think all Athletes deserved there's but how come Seb Coe got something else he's been made a Lord got an acheivement award what else ? Sorry just saying the guy's who did the work deserved their medals they worked very hard for them. I didn't watch it all not particularly sporty and just too much this year with football just before it.
+Brian Cope I totally agree with you. I think the only truly 'amateur sport left is boxing!
+Luke Appleby I think the less mainstream Olympic sports can be counted as still amateur too. 
+Brian Cope I don't mean the Olympians. I'm referring to the implied circa 90pc of award recipients who had nothing to do with the Olympics. 
aww sorry to hear that bad luck on you not winning your scratch card.
the news is like sometimes kwl and
sometimes crap
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