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David Cameron appears to have secured a major victory today as leaders inched towards a deal that would secure a cut in the EU budget for the first time in its 56-year history.
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Its Not enough Dave. You wouldnt know what victory was. The unelected Lib dems beat you again . Idiot of a man & by man I mean that in the loosest terms. You & Cleggy are unelected Quasi dictators.
A little victory is better than no victory ... Thanks for doing your best 'PM'
Trouble is we will pay that out just on benefits &housing for all the immigrants fron romania &bulgaria in the first year. Seeing as we pay 120 billion a year to the eu that rebate is just propaganda & if the average brit falls for it they are bigger idiots than we think.
Many people want to work but thanks to the labour party & cheap labour from eastern Europe driving wages down people are better off on benefits such as a somali family staying in a 4star hotel with 10kids at our expense. People like these will never work when they get rent paid 750 per month & 20pounds child benefit per week. I and many others take home after paying 4or 500 in tax get the same as them in rent & child benefit. If you think that is fair you & people like you deserve no respect. 
Me too Andrea. I don't have enough a problem with people trying to make a better life. I worked & lived in Spain for a year. I worked & paid my way didn't claim money. That is all I ask of visitors here. But when people are willing get to work for the least amount it drives wages down forcing people to claim benefits. 
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