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Should councils limit the number of takeaways in their area? Join our debate here:
Haringey council in London plans to reduce number of fast food restaurants after research shows that areas with lots of them have shorter life expectancies.
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They should limit the spread of betting shops first.
I'm pleased I don't live in Haringey, what a complete waste of tax payers money.
nanny state .. i thought when i reached 18 i was old enough to decide my own life ... pftttttt
I hate fast food so good riddance, but feels a bit like 'Nanny State' attitudes
I do not go to KFC anymore ever since I hear that they destroy the Rainforests by using packaging that come from trees...
fast food works out exspensive for the family so its a rare treat ... make homemade macd's cheaper and you know exactly what goes into it
I like KFC, simply because it tastes nice. I'm aware it's not healthy, but happy it's not particularly addictive, in fact, I find after overloading on KFC I really have no stomach for fast food for quite some time, unlike certain other vices some may hold quite legally. Just wonder what the real agenda is here
Everything is healthy taken in moderation , that is the secret , moderation . Aristotle knew it !
I used to go to KFC in Trinidad where my mom's from and in the US, but I haven't gone there for about 4 years for the reasons mentioned above.
Like the council doesn't have enough to do but to extend the life expectancy of their voters...residents can limit the number of take-away's in their area though.
i agreethe should,far to many!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow i'll just eat chicken today though above on the picture haha...
I wonder if the saying is true 'you are what you eat ' The real tradgedy is that people are losing the ability to cook and feed themselves.
will i love chicken but tonight before i go to bed i need to seat up 120 times...i burn hundreds of calories a day so i think no problem of eating this delicious chicken.but you are correct people are changing lifestyle.
Yeah, then replace them with good healthy food, like soup, roast dinner and also recreation spots as well.
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