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Lotto winner who scooped £5million jackpot runs out of luck when he strands his £100,000 Bentley in thigh-deep flood water
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+Brittany Palmer For what exactly, having the audacity of winning the lottery? It's not like this guy was exploiting children or a dictator of a developing nation to get his money.
If you needed brains to win the lottery this bloke would not be in this situation.
If you class this geezer to be stupid. Then there must be a lot of stupid people in Britain. No one can predict the weather we're getting at the moment. 
I blame Camelot. They need to make sure weather beating people like me who avoid areas of flooding get a win. 
+John Lane I normally read the forcast and if it mentions there are floods or heavy down pour I tend to avoid going out
+John Lane I think most of us would have the sense not to drive into deep water. He's either stupid or pissed out of his brain!
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