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If the Mayan prophecy is true, just how will it all end on Friday? Scientists foretell the cataclysms that could bring on Doomsday
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i don't beleive, coz only God know about end or world
13 Baktun is the end of a planetary cycle. Think of your watch reaching 12 or 00. But the cycle is of more than 350 years :-) stop it with the apocalypse.
With this type of stories you could also say that Chuck Norris will save us, and in which ways. I recomend you contact an astroarcheologist or a Mayan scripts and paintings specialist. Google 13 baktun, etc.
Rawn Racker:
 In your under pants, you know how its gonna end, with man selling out man.
Er a special thanks to the boys outside selling the friut and veg of the old market stall there, yer i'll be down in a minnit, got some what, really
The whole world is geared up to this 2112-2012 at 11.11gmt. So NASA posts an odd debunk Youtube when they were the main ball players with Planet X. It is a huge fear game from supernatural beings, maybe things will happen, impossible for the end of the world. Just a huge fear game.
Rawn Racker:
in your under pants, you know how it's gonna end with man betraying man.
A speical thanks to the boy's of the market stall out side with the spelling corrections, yer i'll be down in a min, you got what have you really, just get me jacket
Mayan people didn't believe this to be the day the world ends, they believe it to be the end of the current cycle, then a new cycle will begin.
I'm willing to bet real money that the world doesn't end this Friday.

Any takers?
God is Good...He is the only one who know when is the end of the world'''...the only thing we need to do is to change and pray to God
The world MUST be coming to an end. We had an extreme M$ fanboy ask about installing Linux on his kids machine last week. ;-)
Might as well close your account Shriganesh.
Something similar to Skynet will take over, but not yet. 
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