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'No pork, no showers longer than 15 mins, no more than 2 visitors a month and I must approve all guests': Landlord's incredible list of 31 rules for tenant (who, funnily enough, didn't move in)
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Muslim landlord..Its obvious..No Pork in Fridge.  Why do they not go back to their caves?
Might just not like pork? 
Maybe allergic. Sounds like a prison.
S Mann
+Bryan Searle  that the most stupid, ignorant and idiotic assumption anyone could make. As +Michael Cohen said, he could be jewish. or he might not like pork as +Rick Leach stated. There is no need for you to bring your hate mongering bull into this. Muslims are not allowed alcohol either, but he/she allowed it in thier room so it greatly reduced the probablity of him/her being muslim. ahole. what a dumbass remark about going back into caves. you think all muslims live in a cave? are you retarded or something?
ugh..people like you make me sick. Would it be fair for me to say 'why dont you go shoot some innocent children in a school' just because a caucasian male did that few weeks back? bloody idiot

anyway, back to the image.. hes a bit OTT about visitors though haha weird. depending on how many ppl are living in the house, spending time on an activity like shower and cooking can be a pain in a backside. iv been a landlord myself living with tenants..and people do sometimes take the p***
Maybe they love pork, and in fact are stating that pork doesn't belong in the fridge, it belongs in their stomachs.
S Mann
+Rick Leach lol hey! who knows!
why is the daily mail posting this anyway?
One of their editors browses reddit I'm guessing 
S Mann
hes so anal about visitors, maybe he means dont pork your partner anywhere in the house or the fridge..
Probably 'No breaking wind on Saturdays.' was no.31
+Rick Leach I've noticed that quite a few things that were on +reddit end up on the Mail website, so I suspect you're right. 
I'm sure many of our landlords would love to set a list of 31 rules!  Happily for our tenants there are no such lists with Preston Baker properties!
S Mann
preston baker, You may be lost. This isnt facebook.
Are you based in Preston? Do you deliver fresh bread? Do you only deal in bakeries? I'm confused.
Seems I have struck a cord with that immigrant
S Mann
hahaha immigrant. brilliant. A class asshole. yeah well done you fucking idiot. get a life.

Shouldnt even dignify your bullshit with a go fuck urself.
Beats me. What is that landlord's antagonism with pork? Even otherwise that huge list looked like a load of crap. 
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