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Raise the cost of parking to force motorists to walk! Nanny watchdog's plan to get Britain fit -

Will raising the cost of parking really make people walk more? -

Kate Middleton goes back to the 80s! Duchess of Cambridge references Diana with her glossy new fringe and a £1,400 retro-inspired emerald green silk dress -
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Thats silly cuz some people travel on avarage 24miles daily to work. So are these people expexted to walk to work? And even if your mall is 5mins drive from your house, you cant be expected to walk all the way home with grocery bags. This will certainly increase muggings. 
what about us wheelchair users we need our car as buse are full of big push chairs and we still have to pay for parking the blue badge is not free or for free parking its so we get a wider bay so we can get our chair up the side to get into it most large towns charge for parking now 
I don't have much of a dog in this fight as I work from home and ride a motorcycle when I need to but this proposal has nothing to do with fitness. This is just another stealth tax and a typical top down idea with no thought of how this will affect real people.

I was looking at old photos of Fulham a few weeks ago, in the early 1900's there were tram tracks in the middle of the road, what happened to them?

I had to cancel booked train tickets yesterday due to the recent weather and lost £37.50 on a £79 fare. So since public transport is limited and overpriced, how else are people supposed to travel in order to earn a living? And there lies the whole purpose behind this proposal, most people do not work within their local community and have to drive, having to pay more money in order to park.
and hospitals charge for parking but you have to pay up to 10 pound for the day we dont have that money so i get droped off and catch bus back but then get abuse because the prams are left at bus stop some of these young mums with large prams could walk to the shops but no catch a bus for a mile ride 
All it will do is encourage people to order online. Then the high street will die and everyone will wonder what happened...
Not so NICE. Why has this quango survived the bonfire?

I'm sure those statist freeloaders never need to park with their chauffeur driven cars.
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