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Women who work are more likely to be abused by male partners than women who don't, a study has found.
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Not always especially if there is love and understanding
I can agree to a point as other factors can play a role in this..
How aggressive or dominating is the woman/man towards the partner by working in a position of authority and taking the same attitude home with them or simply they've had a bad, bad day! You generally take it out on the first person you see, which can inflame out of control (x10 if alcohol is involved).
Either way:  Domestic violence needs stomping out... Full-Stop.  There's NO excuse for it.. ever.
Women who work are more likely to be pestered by male colleagues than women who don't.

Strong assertive women are more likely to pick weak male partners who's only way of asserting their alpha-maleness is by violence.

Did I need a study by people with 'ologies' to tell me that?

And the next startling discovery is, water can make you wet.
Men who cannot do a thing in the kitchen are more likely to be total arseholes than men who can.

Can I have a government grant to prove my theory?
When someone gets off on abuse there is no way to frustrate them short of a pointed gun at all times, which is not possible for anyone sane, and besides the former are crafty enough at lies and gossip and manipulation. Add those skills to the usual credibility accredited to male version of what happened and the only way out if any for a woman in the situation is to run and never look back. If that works. It has nothing to do with whether she is working or not, earning or not, daughter of a rich man or not, beautiful or not, educated or not, intelligent or not, happy by nature and loving or otherwise. It has everything to do with his own need to prove his manhood and the easiest is to choose a victim and to marry her. Her only possible weapon for survival is to become a mirror image of him, since escape invited determined pursuit with a vengeance for having escaped. This victimisation can be invited by any woman or man who is not perceived as a menace by the abuser. Daughters, sons, subordinate males and more.
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