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Is this Samsung's Galaxy S4? Pictures claiming to be new flagship handset leaked online 
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I hope its not......I want the S4 to at least look like something new and original if Samsung want me to get it at upgrade!
+Ken Bunting the design for the S2 & S3 in my opinion are stylish, but Samsung should really look at giving its customers something new to brag about.
If it's to be an iPhone killer, it should have some great improvements
I'll believe it when I see it officially; there will probably be other 'leaked shots' in weeks and months to come.

Having said that, I'd be happy with the Galaxy S4 looking similar to the S3 if it has a noticeably slimmer bezel (which this picture shows). Also, it's missing a physical home button, which if true may suggest a different user experience with TouchWiz and one that is consistent with vanilla Android. 
+Daily Mail

" New images claim o show the next version of Samsung's best selling Galaxy Handset - which could go on sale next year"

You'll need to amend this; it's 2013 already.

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