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The most desolate city on Earth: Take a tour of the ghostly Battleship Island crumbling into the sea off the coast of Japan
Gunkanjima is one of 505 uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture, about 15 kilometres from Nagasaki itself. It earned its nickname due to its resemblance to a military warship.
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While I am flattered that the Daily Mail liked my photos, I am less happy that it used them without permission and without payment. I'm also disappointed it cut off the watermark from the majority of my photos and blew some up, lowering the quality. If you had contacted me first, I could have provided you with high quality versions and also helped you with information in the article. Anyway, the invoice is on its way to you.
Looks like you've taken the article down. I hope you'll have the decency to reply to email and pay the invoice. Thank you.
Come on, Daily Mail, what's your problem here? Pay the man.
Xah Lee
Daily Mail is one of the scumbag of the internet. Michael Gaukuran wrote detail here

〈Daily Mail Used My Photos Without Permission and Without Payment〉 (2012-04-07) By Michael At Gakuranman. @

another incident recently made popular, is

〈The Daily Mail knowingly and commercially used my photos despite my denying them permission〉 (2011-08-16) By Alice Taylor. @
Yes, it's back up. So left this comment: ""Urban explorers who venture on to Battleship Island do so illegally. They take steps to limit their visibility and always disguise themselves in any photographs"

Unlike the Daily Mail, who openly steals photographers work, publishes it and refuses to pay when caught.

It's hard enough to work as a freelance photographer when there is less paying work from major newspapers like yours. So instead of paying for photographers to shoot for you or supply stock photos, you just take the pics you want, remove the photographer's watermark/signature and re-publish them..

Have never been a fan of your rag anyway; it's been off the reading list for many years. It's now even off the list of available toilet paper choices."

Good luck getting this sorted out Mike.
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