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Education Secretary Michael Gove said social workers at the council had made 'the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons
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Think this is dreadful and those children should be handed straight back inless there is evidence of abuse.
put the children straight back,get the social workers in question put on public display to justify there actions, if any thing these are short sighted bigots who need to be flushed out the system, i hope they have broke some law so they go to jail, in fact use the incitement law against them as that needs no foundation or facts and they have to be arrested or have they took these children to sell to the other couple or have took a back hander, either way they need sorted, sorry about the rant but some of these social workers believe they are above god, pity they don't want to take abused children as that would mean an official paper and they are opened to be sued so the wont do it,, 
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