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The Titanic sails again: Australian tycoon unveils plans for perfect replica of doomed vessel (except with a few more lifeboats) -

DEBATE: Would you go on a cruise on Titanic II?
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And hopefully the emergency bulkheads will actually work and seal the various compartments completely.
I wonder if it will be complete with not enough life boats to service everybody and a compartment for the poor at the bottom ? :D
I hope that love on the decks will be strictly prohibited as it can convert the attention of the crew and they can't locate the icebergs. ;-)
A smart business man would also put a special place at the very front for you to go and stand .. but charge a small fee for the pleasure ;) 
Stick decent, modern iceberg warning systems on board, and have a captain on board that appreciates that turning a ship icing at full tilt with a rudder the size of a thimble... You should be fine.
Hopefully the iceberg doesnt want round 2
Let's hope lightning, sorry iceberg doesn't strike twice !
I can't wait to sail on the #Titanic2 might get a bit worried if I see Billy Zane on board!
I hope they have a reinforced hull and inflatable life rafts they take up less space and you can fit more of them onto the ship
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