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Fast-food chain launches cheeseburger containing NINE patties that clocks in at 2,000 calories -
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If it really is 2000 calories, then I could give this a go for fun and just not eat for the rest of the day. 
do they offer : select from pig chick horse boar dino  ...?
Its a veggie option made from uniQUORN 
2,000 calories
90% horse
10% addatives 
You mean for the rest of the week...Colossal bugger...who done it.
And the horsemeat jokes keep galloping by!! Still looks grim tho.
Can I have one of those, without salad, 2 large fries, some mozzarella dippin sticks. Oh, and a diet coke. Im watchin my weight.
It looks revolting. Why would anyone choose to eat such a thing?
How do sink your teeth into that?
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