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Three out of four smartphones now run on Android as Apple fans 'hold off from upgrading in anticipation of iPhone 5'
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Android is so inferior it's no competition. Suckers just can afford the green for the iPhone 
No I had iphone n got rid of so could get galaxy s 3 do nowt to do with
Android caters for low, mid and high end users and offers plenty of choice, while Apple doesn't. So it's no surprise there are more Android phones.

Apart from that, the Android software really does offer a lot of features that iOS doesn't, so maybe some consumers are realising that now. 
Most people who say they can afford an iPhone are quite poor who wish they were rich whose only major investment is their stupid phone. Most people on benefits have iPhones in the UK. Get over it.
You are mistaken there I am afraid Kostunica people on benefited have the cheapest of cheap phones on pay as you go or maybe something along lines on a tocco lite I phone way over rated and many people seeing apple for real now fleece customers over n over again but people with less sense than money just need an iPhone as its just so cool!!! Omg wisen up
My new samsung note 2 is amazing its artistic its more creative than being a tool than iphone and the big thing is that you don't have to part out at ever step. .

I am happy with my +HTC One X it offers a beautiful experience. iPhone is a generation behind in feature and technological advancements. Only about ten percent of my phone use is on calls and text. Rest is on the smart features of my phone. I can do things on my phone that simply doesn't exist in an iPhone. Any savvy iPhone user would be left behind wishing and dreaming on stuffs I already have on this phone.

I get all this for ten pounds/month cheaper than an iPhone user. As they say, Apple customers and their money are soon parted.

Apple is repeating the same mistake it did against Microsoft during the desktop wars.
Do any of you work in software development?  I do and have built apps for Android and iOS.  Android is buggy, prone to malware and generally offers a less refined user experience.  iOS is a closed system and yes is very expensive to maintain, but is far more secure and better all round UX.  So there you have it.  At present I have an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S3.  I will soon start using the S3 as a door stop.
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