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Welcome to the coldest village on earth where temperatures drop to -71.2C, glasses freeze to your face and the solitary school only shuts if it falls below -52C
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I still think Canada's winters are the worst ! 
If they came to britain, they would be wearing shorts and t-shirt whilst we would be wrapped up in the thickest of clothes
Ram Aj
School only shut if it's below -52 ?!
That seems a little to high for me ! 
Ours shut with the first snowflake. Any excuse for a day off - doesn't worry them if parents are put out as a result, they only pay teachers' wages.
Cool. A place which is actually colder than Winnipeg in January. ;-)
Is that picture taken in the summer?
Ours we will have to defrost the kid's at -52.....
Handsomely weathered out by the degree of a unanswerable temperature.
The temperature in this gauge is really starting to effect my health.  Time to welcome a new dress sense.
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