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Goodbye, Jacintha: Grieving husband and children of hoax call nurse weep by her graveside as they say farewell at Indian funeral -
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Gosh, what an insensitive arsehole you are, Simon Stone. She was a wife and a mother, people loved her, and she was quite possibly very sensitive about the entire affair, and upset at it. Why else would she take her own life over it? You, Simon Stone, are an attention-seeking, insensitive PRAT with the empathy of a slug.  
Now that I'm done giving out at that eejit, my thoughts are with that lady's family and friends. This must be a very difficult time for them.
Said it when it happened there is more to this story than what we are being told, this lady was a mother, a wife, a friend a family member a community member with absolutely no reason to take her own life....A terrible loss to her family and all that had known her...where there is a story there is always a different angle .....
Takes one to know one or Simon :0), but to an degree I think you might have an point, I guess she might have been in trouble in some shape or form, taking ones life is an massive thing todo or?
Btw Simon, go forth and multiply sound better or, world is an shit hole as it is with out the eff off words....
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