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We're still being run by a private school elite: Study shows almost half of those who hold key positions in British society received fee-paying education
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I've never voted for an eaton boy… Eaton.. isn't that a sexist grammar school?
Rawn Rackers:
Yer Im paying the fee your getting the education
First of all its called Eton. If your going to insult it at least get the spelling right. Second rawn rackers your not paying the fee the pupils parents are.
Not my intention to insult the place.
Interestingly i couldn't really care that i spelt it wrong.
My parents didn't have the money to send me to 'Eton'.

I just pointed out a fact.

The article highlight the fact that the old boys network is still in place and that the elite of this country are deliberately raised in a sexist environment. It's no wonder that women aren't as prominent as men in societies elite. They have to get there on their own merit rather than the school they went to as a kid. So isn't the term 'old boys network' inherently sexist? The only way to solve that is to open 'ETON' up to girls and to stop sexism being ingrained on the minds of the ruling elite...
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